Deep Tissue Massage

bib1_deeptissuemassage_26.01.2009.jpgIf you look at an anatomy book you will see the diagrams of superficial muscles with the deeper muscles below them.  Quite often while having a massage, only the superficial muscles will be affected.  With deep tissue massage the therapist will aim to improve the blood flow to both the superficial and deeper muscles.  

With increased blood flow to the muscles there will an increase of oxygen and nutrients.  There will also be an acceleration in the removal of waste such as carbon-dioxide and lactic acid from the muscles.  Areas of tension and spasm are easily identified in the deeper muscles as the more superficial muscles start to relax.  At this point the therapist may start using advanced techniques to release the tension or spasm in the deeper muscles.  Manipulation of the joints is also introduced with deep tissue massage to enhance ROM (range of movement).  By working slowly and gently on the body and gradually building up the pressure a therapist may work very deeply to release areas of tension without causing further spasm due to unnecessary exaggerated discomfort.

When using these techniques Shanti encourages her clients to use breathing techniques to enhance the results.  Thremo-therpay and Tiger Balm are  also used to help in the reduction of tension in specific areas.  For clients who do not wish to have a sports massage but who want to feel the effects of a firm massage this treatment is highly recommended.

Testimonial by Annabelle Tusch - Yoga & Pilates Instructor - Ski Instructor
"I first met Shanti when I was a member of Holmes Place Kensington doing pre training for my first season as a ski instructor in Switzerland. I was particularly interested in sports massage as a way to relieve muscle stiffness during training and help with injury prevention.  Shanti also helped me to rebalance my muscle groups  after the season using her effective massage techniques based on her deep knowledge of anatomy."

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