On-Site Seated Acupressure Massage / Corporate Well being days

Acupressure massage was introduced by Body in Balance in 2005.   Seated Acupressure has proved to be the simplest and most direct way to relieve stress and help prevent work related disorders.   This massage technique uses an ancient Japanese technique called Anma. No oils or fuss, the therapist concentrates solely on the key stress carrying areas; the back, shoulders, neck, scalp and arms.

This same treatment is offered for corporate well being days to many companies.  It has also been very popular at charity events and fund raisers.

Shanti trained at the Academy of On-Site Massage.  The technique rolls the muscles to release tension and anxiety, works on pressure points to create balance and stimulates the blood supply to increase energy.  You go straight back to your desk relaxed and revitalised.

On-Site Seated Acupressure will benefit your business through:

LESS likelihood of staff absence from stress related ailments
LESS likelihood of RSI and related conditions developing in staff
MORE motivation in your workforce
MORE productivity from an energised, happier staff
EXCELLENT reflection of the way your company is run

Testimonial by Tony Parker, Director of Parker Williams Design:
"I cannot speak too highly of Shanti's contribution to the physical well-being of our staff.
All of our staff spend many hours a day hunched over computer screens & Shanti fully understands the problems this can cause.
We are particularly impressed with the way she tailors her treatment to individual needs."

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