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“Left the Studio Feeling So Much Better”

“Working with Shanti has been a life-changing event for me. I started doing Pilates to fix my lower back issues (I had a herniated disk at L4/L5-S1). I also suffer from migraines and very often I would show up at my sessions with a bad headache. Shanti would always have the right exercises and I always left the studio feeling so much better. Shanti’s in-depth knowledge of the human body helped me understand what I needed to change in my behaviour. So now, when I have a headache or the lower back starts to ache, I know how to tackle it on my own with the exercises she gave me. Last but not least, Shanti also made me fit into my wedding dress and look better than ever for my big day!”

“An Excellent Instructor”

“I came to Pilates in 2014 reluctantly, because I was not keen to start on courses of “exercises” at a fairly advanced age. However, I did want to be stronger and suppler to counteract an increasingly sedentary life-style. Shanti explains the necessity of correct breathing and body alignment when doing even the simplest of exercises. She understands the exercises which would be beneficial for a specific purpose, e.g. my playing golf, and also importantly which exercises would be beyond my capabilities at any stage. This is very reassuring as enthusiasm to progress more quickly than capabilities might allow, could lead to injury. Indeed, it is the attention to specific needs, rather than simply being asked to execute a set of exercises, that has most impressed me when working with Shanti. For example, I suffered injury to my Achilles tendons which restricted my ability to walk. With exercises that Shanti devised for me, my Achilles tendons have recovered fully so much so that my feet and ankles have never felt better. It is the attention to detail and strict supervision of her clients that in my view makes Shanti an excellent instructor and exponent of Pilates.”

“I Have Improved Significantly”

“I went to Shanti for help with bad sciatic back and leg pain. She was able to tailor the pilates exercises to help build my strength and allow me to finally start moving around pain free. Over the course of “treatment” I have improved significantly and now I am very rarely in pain. Shanti has given me “medicine” work that I can continue to do at home when away from the studio so that even if I am unable to have regular sessions I can still keep my muscles strengthened and avoid flare ups. Thank you!”

“Strengthened My Range of Movement”

“Shanti is a patient, kind teacher who treats you holistically and sensitively. Her knowledge of the anatomy is vast and she always took time to explain why we were doing a certain movement and how it would benefit me. She tailored each exercise depending on how my body felt that day and always took my feedback into account. Having practised yoga for many years, Shanti often adapted our practice to help compliment this. Having a Pilates session with her would always make my body and my mind feel stronger and calmer. Having struggled with hip problems for years, she was able to give me exercises that strengthened my range of movement without pain or discomfort. I love having Shanti as a teacher and would have a session with her every day if I could!”

“First-Rate Instructor”

“In recent years, I have had the good fortune of having had several private pilates sessions with Shanti, including a glorious 90-minute private in London. Shanti is first and foremost book-smart about pilates. Over the years she has invested and committed to her education, and her level of knowledge is breath-taking. But she is not a robotic teacher belting out instructions and repetitions. Shanti has an engaging and warm teaching style. She really expresses an interest in you as a student and a mutual desire to have you succeed whether on the mat or a piece of equipment. Still, her commitment to her continuing education makes her a first-rate instructor. Shanti is so knowledgeable about human anatomy and function; and this past year, she has honed her expertise on the pelvic floor, which further enhances her knowledge base! Shanti guided my sessions with amazing skill and precision. I was apprehensive going into the 90-minute session at the studio, but she totally put me at ease. I was amazed at her ability to peel through my execution of the exercises and guide me with modifications to better connect with the correct control and approach. I come from a yoga background, so I was really impressed with her observation skills and her ability to pick out imbalances and weaknesses in my body. To this day, her lessons serve as reminders for me to be mindful of the pilates approach to posture and movement. Shanti is intelligent, engaging and the consummate professional. I love that she values a beautiful and pristine studio, and likewise respects the student by always being put together for class. That’s important! She has totally made a pilates convert out of me!”

“Feeling So Much Better”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for my gorgeous pilates one to one. I have come home feeling SO much better. Easier physically and calmer emotionally.”

“Great Fun”

“When I was pregnant of my second baby, I started to attend regular pilates classes at my gym. Luckily, I met Shanti, a lovely pilates teacher, who has a lot of knowledge and experience with pregnant women. It was great fun to know, that when I came to class, she let all of us do exercises (including men) focused on my pregnancy, pelvic floor exercises for example. Every time when I came in, Shanti asked how I felt, so she could adjust my exercises and support me where needed. Two months after my baby was born, I continued the pilates classes again. Shanti helped me with my post natal recovery. I had a good pregnancy, delivered a beautiful son and thanks to Shanti, my recovery was quick and smooth. I would highly recommend Shanti, even if you’re not pregnant. A HUGE thank you!”

“Can’t Thank You Enough”

“I appreciate your teaching enormously! Can’t thank you enough!”

“Time Flew by”

“The time flew by as Shanti explained how the pelvic floor works which gives a better understanding of the technique of the exercises that will help to strengthen the pelvic floor. It is a class for all, young and old, women and men who can all benefit at various times in life. It is a great start to developing a routine for exercising the area. It is also a comfort to know just how common a weakened pelvic floor can be.”

“Clear and Concise”

“I found the workshop to be really helpful. The information was very clear and concise. I can say it helped me to better understand the workings of the Pelvic Floor.”

“Would Certainly Recommend”

“I very much enjoyed the workshop and look forward to finding time to read the all the handouts and the Pelvic Floor Bible. I would certainly recommend your Pfilates workshop to anyone who told me they had a problem.”


“As part of my ongoing treatment I received some guidance from my urologist and the urological nurse at the London Clinic. I found your workshop invaluable because you explained the exercises clearly and I now have a better understand of how the pelvic floor works and how I can make progress during my treatment. Thank you.”

“Extremely Relatable”

“Shanti is a wonderful Pilates instructor, due to her ability to listen to clients’ needs and sense their state of mind & body. Training with her is both challenging and rewarding. I have always left the studio feeling lighter, with more energised than when I arrived and felt my spirit lifted. Shanti is an extremely relatable, intuitive and inspiring person - training with her will make you feel good about yourself and puts your personal health & physical objectives within reach. She truly tailors sessions to each client individually, drawing on her vast knowledge and experience of teaching Pilates.”

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