Teaching Pilates online has been going on a very long time. I never thought it was for me as a teacher. How could one teach efficiently and effectively online?

Having said that I do subscribe to two online Pilates websites that provide excellent Pilates sessions and I really enjoy them. But really, I never thought I would teach online. I like people. I like making connections and seeing the minutiae in the placement of the body and movement of a limb. When I'm teaching I like to guide my clients to use the breath to help stabilise and then move with precision. I love seeing that lightbulb moment in someone's eyes when they say "oh that's how it should feel." I didn't think this would be possible online. Too much could be missed. Well, one of the things Covid-19 has brought with it's social distancing is the inability to continue teaching my regular clients face to face and with hands on guidance. So as the title of this Blog says, "necessity is the mother of invention"...for me that is discovering teaching online. Last week I taught a mat class to one of my regular studio clients. We were both amazed at how much could be seen and corrected from observing on the screen. This week I will teach three mat classes for The Hogarth Health Club through Zoom.

thehogarthhealthclub.co.uk/hogarth-online Yes I am a little scared, never having done this before. But I’m also quite excited at the prospect of developing new skills and helping so many of my regular clients to keep moving during this difficult time.

If you would like to join the classes they are free.

Join me on

Thursday 2:30pm General/Intermediate Pilates

Thursday 3:30pm Beginners & Remedial Pilates

Saturday 8:30am General Pilates

Going forward the Hogarth Health Club will be offering more classes online. See their website for details. The classes will all be free but you will be invited to "buy a coffee" for the teachers if you like their class. You can subscribe through ko-fi.com and they suggest a gratuity of £3.00.

I look forward to seeing you online for Pilates. We need to keep ourselves moving for our physical and mental health. Keep safe everyone. We will come out of this stronger.

Thank you for the Ko-Fi